Journey towards Modesty

A glimpse into my pilgrimage for a more modest life

Wow January 17, 2012

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So, last night I took my fast acting anxiety med right before Joseph went to visit a friend…
Forgetting that I was supposed to stop taking the fast acting one when the slow, long term medication started to kick in… It wasn’t pretty.
And while I couldn’t stand and was half delusional and more than half unconscious I kept trying to get the baby to stop crying. I kept wondering why he was crying and trying to feed him and I think I managed to change him at some point in time all with no luck.
It was only when Joseph got home and DS stopped crying immediately that I realized he knew something was wrong with me and was “calling” for help.

Every day a miracle. Just amazing, when you think of it… isn’t it?

On a more cheerful note we spent half an hour this morning cuddling with the kitty. DS is getting better at being gentle and, of course, Dusk is still incredibly patient.


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