Journey towards Modesty

A glimpse into my pilgrimage for a more modest life

Oops December 12, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — teartaye @ 2:16 PM

So J (my 3 month old son) was eating and got a bit distracted so he wasn’t actually latched on.

Cue a sharp finger nail being dug into my nipple.

Cue me screaming OW.

Cue J starting to cry.

Cue me frantically trying to calm him down. It ended with me saying “I’m sorry, I know you’re sorry, can we start over?” I’m sure he didn’t actually understand but it worked.

We leave for Calgary in 3 days. EEEK!

J is in the six month size already. I swear someone stretched him out the past couple of weeks. No more baby chub.

I didn’t get any of my goals done this weekend, but at least today is a new day and I can try again. The dishes were half done before I had to stop to nurse… next is the laundry and after that is something from the million things I need to get done before we leave.


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