Journey towards Modesty

A glimpse into my pilgrimage for a more modest life

Goals December 9, 2011

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I have a question for anyone bothering to read this: What do you do, when the best thing you can do for someone else is to take better care of yourself? How do you get over the feeling of guilt?

Yeah, I’m not depressed or anything…

Goals for this week:
~Do the dishes everyday
~Catch up on laundry
~Go for a walk everyday
~Goto bed by 10pm
~Read the bible a bit everyday.

Okay, maybe I am depressed. No mocking my goals allowed… Once I have a handle on the basics of my life again, that’s when I’ll start doing fun/growing things.

Next week’s goals will be incredibly different since we’ll be in Calgary, but starting in January I’ll do goals on a monthly basis.

And DS has definitely noticed the cat this week. We all sat cuddled up on the couch yesterday and J was “petting” Dusk for about half an hour. We have a wonderfully patient cat, btw.


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