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Modesty? Psh, that’s old-fashioned. May 14, 2009

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I live across the street from a High School, so I’m used to shuffling my way through, well, teenagers doing things that make me sad (smoking and swearing, mostly), but today takes the cake. One girl was wearing a silk loincloth to school. Not literally, mind you, just a mini skirt with a slit up to her hip.

Still, I stand by my definition; As far as I knew loincloths were two strips of fabric connected at the waist… which is exactly what she had on!

And I’ve seen quite a few girls wandering around with over-sized shirts… or I guess what’s supposed to be a dress.

I’m saddened and disgusted. These are the same girls who are wondering why all the guys they attract are only after their bodies. One day they’ll put some clothes on and figure it out. I hope