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Goals and Washing Dishes – Metaphor March 10, 2009

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So, this is kinda silly but it has been rattling around my brain for the last couple of weeks so I figured I’d post it.
A long term goal, represented by cleaning the kitchen/washing dishes:

I want in…
5 years: To have a clean kitchen
1 year: To have washed all of the dishes
6 months: To have washed all of the dishes except the pots/pans
1 month: To have washed all of the cutlery
1 week: To have washed all of the forks
Today: To have washed this fork

So yeah, kinda silly, but I like it so humph! (And no, I don’t expect it to take me 5 years to clean my kitchen šŸ˜› That’s why it’s a metaphor!)

It’s a nice reminder to live in the moment. I’ve been trying to remember that, after I decide which ‘section’ of dishes (all the plates, or bowls, or cups, etc.) next, I don’t need to worry about anything other than the particular dish I’m working on. It’s very zen-like. And it’s a nice stepping stone for me, because I’m horrible at living in the moment. I worry. I don’t think “clean this fork” I think “After I do this fork I need to finish all the cutlery then do that plate I forgot then do this pan, then I should probably do this pot next, or maybe this” (this applies to other areas of my life too). All in all, it makes doing dishes (or anything) much more stressful than it needs to be, so I’m working on changing it.

This ends my rambles!


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